Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Trouble With Life Right Now . . . .

The trouble with life right now is that everytime I think I can relax, take it easy or will be rewarded with surviving this far in life (which should be noted is harder than it sounds). While all my friends are enjoying their fabulous Easter Break, I'm am back home, sure, but with so much homework that I can't even go to the Priesthood session of Conference. The only reason I have time to do this blog entry is that I am waiting for dinner to be ready and I don't want to get started on a project just to get interrupted 15 minutes later. Another troubling thing about today, is that the weather looks and feels like February, which should be noted, is one of my least favorite months.
Although I was able to listen to both sessions of Conference today, the first one I was so tired from trying to catch up with my late nights and massive amounts of stress, that I drifted in and out of sleep during the talks. I feel bad to say the least. The second session I couldn't pay as close attention as I would have like because I had to do 4 collages. And I can't really just tell myself that it will all be better in a month when I get done with school because I'm right back to my sucky job that I had for 2 years. My summer will not only be devoid of fun, I will be friendless. All of my friends that are left at home are either gone on missions or going on missions. And to top it all off I have to go to work knowing that I might have to deal with my ex-girlfriend, who (as far as I can tell) hates me. Things were not pretty last time we talked.
After the summer the stress if far from ending, I have to go to another semester of school and take calculus (which if my other classes don't kill me that one surly will). After that it's the not-so-simple matter of preparing for my Mission. The next two years will be the hardest two years of my life. The very thought is stressful.
After I get back (assuming I don't get eaten by a dog or a large gangster while on my Mission) it's like I have to start living the busiest years of my life. School, job and a vain attempt at a social life and the pressure of having to find someone to marry is almost too much for my mind to handle.


  1. you'll get all caught up eventually...keep your chin up bronson!

  2. Caught up with life? Ha ha ha! Yeah, right. *sigh*

  3. Bronson!

    1 - you will never be friendless... not as long as I live to sister-stalk you

    2 - the mission's not supposed to be the hardest two years of your life, but the best. Although, to be fair, getting eaten by a gangster would kind of put a damper on things :)

    3 - it could always be worse... you could have to take calculus, physics, and organic chemistry.

  4. 1. What I meant was all my friends at HOME are gone. You will be living in Salt Lake, and I will see you but not that often.
    2. I have never heard from anyone that their Mission was easy.
    3. And it's just as bad if my computer classes give me as much homework as this semester . . . organic chemistry or no.