Sunday, April 25, 2010

Critic Time . . . .

So I watched this really sad movie last night called Requiem for a Dream. It was about man in his mid twenties named Harry, his mother named Sara, Harry's friend named Tyrone, and Harry's girlfriend named Marion. It starts off by Harry and Tyrone taking Sara's TV and pawning it for money so they can go get high. Harry's girlfriend is also a druggie and during the summer they are all happy. Money isn't an issue because they have "this guy" that they can get drugs from that's super cheap and they can make double their money.
Sara is obsessed about watching TV because that's all she has left. She is a widow and Harry never comes around anymore. She receives a call from the TV show she watches saying that she has won and gets to be on TV. She obsesses over this call and says she needs to fit into her "red dress" that she wore at Harry's graduation. Since she can't get the zipper up she decides that she needs a diet. Her diet is rough and she isn't seeing the results that she wants so she goes to this doctor that gives her some pills. She is losing weight and has lots of energy but soon she starts taking two, then three, then four because she needs to "fit into my red dress!". After a few months she starts having hallucinations and paranoia. Finally she loses it and is admitted to a hospital. By this time, she has lost it completely. They try everything to try and get her to eat but nothing works so they do electro shock therapy. Her life is pretty much over, she watches TV all day with out caring about anything.
Tyrone and Harry are making tons of money and everything is great until a needed drug deal goes south and they need to get some hits so they dig into there precious money. By this time they have to go all the way to Florida to get the stuff to sell and Harry's arm is jacked up from using a dirty needle and him and Tyrone get thrown in jail. Tyrone is put to work and almost can't handle going cold turkey from his drugs. Harry loses his arm, too.
Marion, after the drug deal goes south, starts sleeping around for money while Tyrone and Harry are going to Florida. She is miserable but she has money.
Pros: This movie is a powerful campaign against drugs. It really shows how broken life can be if you are addicted to drugs. It also has beautiful cinematography and paralleling the four stories at the end is beautiful.
Cons: Lots and lots of language. Other bad stuff. Dark. Not very uplifting.
Requiem for a Dream: 6/10

I bought a new game yesterday called: Heavenly Sword. Awesome game. Gameplay wise it looks like the predecessor to games to Bayonetta. Artistic style, voice acting, graphics and immersion remind me of Uncharted 2. The fighting is beautiful but the walking running actions look stiff and unnatural. At first I hated the Sixaxis movement for guiding your arrows and cannon fire but after you get the hang of it, I wouldn't trade it if I had the choice. Another reason to get a PS3 rather than a Xbox360! The game also shows off the power of the PS3. Nariko looks photo realistic and is EXTREMELY hott. Beautiful game. The game itself is very a immersive experience but you really don't know what's going on. The plot is lacking. Solid game overall.
Heavenly Sword (PS3 only): 8.5/10



  1. From your rating, I'm garnering that the hotness of a video game character matters more than the plot. If everyone else is like you, this might be why that Tomb Raider game ever sold any copies (not that she was even that attractive, but I'll definitely give her busty).

  2. I'm hurt. It was a bonus that she was attractive. If the dude had been the main character the game would be just as good. The point is that it's photo realistic and amazing. Sorry I didn't explain it better.

  3. If you explained things any better, there wouldn't be any ambiguities left for me to make fun of you for. Don't do that! ;)

    I can't believe you wouldn't even take my Tomb Raider bait... I thought you loved that game.