Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh, Solace . . . .

When the aching heart has broken for the last time, when all efforts have gone down into the realm of memories, when the time has stopped its ticking, when I have left the last whole part of my soul by the wayside, it will stop hurting.
The burning lusts of the world burn my Spirit with a fevered flame that devours Good and turns it to evil, leaving me a charred mass of hatred and envy. The dark tendrils of Desire slither silently toward the edges of my waking mind, sending me into a panicked frenzy. Casting reason carelessly aside, my battered soul searches for something that cannot be found, for I am cursed. The bitter doubts and regrets consume me, burn me, torture me.
Darkness begins to envelop my eyes, and blur my vision. Tears of lost efforts and useless gestures fill my eyes, breaking whats left of Will into powder with ease. I pause from my efforts and let darkness surround me with its sweet malice. I lay still.

My body suddenly surges with a newfound energy and I throw my eyes open, only to realize that I'm so far from the Light. My hand seeks a to find purchase in the ashen earth. My bloody fingers find a rock; a sharp rock that tears at my aching flesh. I use this leverage to turn my body towards the light, and on my stomach, I begin to crawl. Digging my arms into the burning, ashen earth I pull myself inch, by painful inch. The Dust of Corruption fills my lungs, choking out what little breath I have left. I turn my eyes toward the fading Light. My grip begins to slip and I reach out towards the Light, hoping. As the Light ebbs away, I cry out within me, my soul screaming out in the agony of defeat. The Deep Evil laughs, haughtily, mocking my every cry.
The Light fades into the infinite blackness of Despair and my hopes are crushed along with it. I stop fighting and let go of myself. Flame begins to lick up around my body, burning with the anger of millions.
"Oh Solace, where art thou?"
I lay still forever more.

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  1. Bronson, this makes me sad :( We should talk. But also, nicely written.