Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here I am! Feel free to ignore me . . . .

Lately I been becoming steadily more irritated at the fact that no matter how many ward activities I go to everyone there generally ignores me. I knew that it would be an adjustment coming to college and going to a new ward and such, but to be honest, it's far worse than I could've imagined it would be.
At FHE last night I brought Ashleigh with me to help relieve the fact that no one talks to me and it backfired. Ash was in a mood so I would say things and she would kinda snap at me. If it was just that, I would've been fine, I grew up with a sister so I get it when they are . . . upset easily. Anyway, but she had to leave like half way through the FHE and I couldn't leave because I was going to at least stick around until they presented the old Bishopric their presents (it was a farewell party for my old Bishopric that got released this Sunday). That, and I was supposed to have planned it so I felt obligated to stay. But anyway, after Ashleigh left, I was left all alone. While we had been eating no one else had joined the table so after she left I was sure that someone would say: "Bronson! Come over and sit with us." But this was an erroneous thought and did not come to pass. In fact, I could've not been at the party all together and I doubt anyone would have noticed.
To add insult and injury to insult, I was walking my knee started killing me. The pain got so bad that I started limping and all the people I passed were looking at me like I was some sort of weirdo. I hobbled back to my dorm ashamed and depressed, where me and my PS3 passed the hours away until bedtime with headshots on Modern Warfare 2.
Well, my class is starting now, so I bid you all a found farewell.


  1. :( You need a "sad" reaction button... while interesting works, I suppose, I can't in good conscience label most of your posts as "funny" or "cool" - there's nothing cool about my brother being sad.

    Also, I badly want to take offense at your sister comment, but if I do I'm afraid you'll just take it as more evidence that your sexist preconceptions are right. *boo*

    Word verification - unpli... the kind of toilet paper college students are forced to suffer through.

  2. I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by my girl comment. I HOPE it was that and that she wasn't mad at me or something because that's basically the only other reason I could think of. Because to be honest I can't deal with it if she was mad at me too. That would leave me completely college friendless (yes, you are still my friend, but you're not going to Dixie), and I can't deal with that right now with everything else. I didn't mean to make you sad either. My only intention was to release some of this horrible pressure that is crippling me right now, but alas, it didn't work. And now, on top of everything else, if I don't get a really good grade on two of my finals my GPA will slide far too close to my scholarship cutoff for comfort. So in a nutshell, I'm sorry that my post depressed you, if I wrote what was really on my mind you would be much more depressed, so be happy! :)
    Love you.