Thursday, April 15, 2010

The End of the Beginning; The Beginning of the End . . . .

Bittersweet emotions filled me last night when I registered for the last semester that I'm going to take before my mission.

The beginning of the end.

I also realized that as of May 8th I will no longer be a Freshman, but a Sophomore.

The end of the beginning.

It's sad, I have heard that college is the funnest time, but all the memories I have of this semester are homework and late nights doing projects. I didn't have time to get good grades and have fun. A lot of my friends found that out the hard way last semester and I didn't want to fall into that pitfall. What it really boils down to is that I felt far lonelier this semester than last semester because most of friends either: moved away, started dating and/or hang out at all the time with one particular person or got engaged. *sigh* I feel like I have been left alone, very alone. And that I have been left off the social bandwagon. It's just that everyone that I took on a date last semester is either engaged or in some sort relationship. And then there is me.
Well, enough moaning.
I watched a very interesting movie last night called, The Fountain. It was very confusing. The acting was phenomenal. It really allowed Hugh Jackman to show how good of an actor he really is. The cinematography was also incredible. Beautiful use of color, shape, pattern and architecture. The storyline, however, was . . . different. It had three different storylines going on at once. One in modern times, one during Spain's quest for the Fountain of Youth and one . . . Well, I'm not really sure. I couldn't tell if it was within the modern Hugh Jackman's mind, the Conquistador's mind or something else independent of them altogether. Whether this was a metaphorical storyline or a literal journey within the mind, I couldn't tell. I picked up the blu-ray at Best Buy for $9.99 on sale ($20 off!).

Final word: Great acting, even better cinematography, but a hard to follow storyline. 7/10

Nuff said.



  1. You'll have to let me see it this summer... it sounds interesting. Also, it IS possible to have fun and get good grades. You just have to consider studying and taking 3 minute M&M breaks fun. Also, possible to not have fun and get bad grades, which I fear will be me this semester - too lazy to study OR recreate... how sad is that?

  2. But to be honest, taking three minute M&M breaks don't make the memories that people always have when they talk about their college days. I played MW2. That's fun, but not memory making. It could be if I had a youtube channel or something AND had like a million (no exaggerating) followers. But honestly, my life at college has been pretty boring. : (

  3. Awwww, Brons. Speaking from my experience, I would say that once you get more established within your major, your social life will skyrocket. I don't know exactly what people in your major are like (after all, the only one I know is you) :) but if a music major who spends at least six hours a day by herself in a practice room has a healthy social life (then again, maybe our definitions of "healthy social life" also differ), then I'm sure you will have one, too. The first couple of years that I was here at BYU without a solid major don't hold a shadow to how much fun the last three years have been now that I have become such good friends with so many other music majors. The hard part now is that people all eventually have to go their separate ways in life, off to different grad schools in different parts of the country, etc. etc. But it's really cool to see your network naturally expand... Anyway. I'm excited for you and your mission! Colby leaves for Florida in four days. Can you believe he's been in the MTC for four months already?! Speaking of MTC, yesterday my friend told me that her nonmember extended family thought that we send missionaries to the "empty sea." Bahahahahah!!!!!!! *knee slap*

  4. And by "four months in the MTC," I meant three. Woops. :)