Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Trip.

Wow. So behind. Where to begin? Well, I guess I will write about my trip up north.

I arrive at Colby's house at 3:30 and he is putting a new trigger in his paintball gun when I get there. That took up a good chunk of the afternoon, and it ended up not working. We then bummed around for the rest of the day, played some Halo, and then went to bed.

Saturday, I wake up at like 11, just when Colby was getting home from mowing lawns and I have a quick breakfast of muffins and OJ. Colby and I then play some basketball and some catch with a nurf football. It was fun even though it was pretty hot. After that we had lunch of fresh bread and strawberry jam and then we got ready and left to go paintballing at like 3. Paintballing was fun except the fact that I never got anyone out. I feel almost like I wasted all my paint and CO2. But dispite that I still had fun. After paintballing we went back to his house and changed and then went to a bonfire at one of his friend's house. That was pretty boring. Except there was this girl there. Her name was Alyssa Wood. Colby, she and I talked for like 2 hours. Then we went home and showered and I got to talk to my older cousin, Britny. It had been ages since I had last talked to her. I then went to bed.

Sunday was a good day overall. I went and saw my cousin at his Missionary Farewell and hung out with my cousins, and then I drove home. Anyway, yeah it was fun and I'm glad I got to go up there.

I'm going on a date this afternoon with Jessica Draper. I hope it's fun. I'm also hoping it will work this time around . . . . Anyway, that's a story for another time. I will write more soon. ^_^

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ug . . . .

Grrrrrr..... My clutch cylinder blew on me again. That little incident is going to cost me my next paycheck. I'm not a happy camper. And today of all days for it to go out. The day I'm going up north to see my cousin, Colby. I guess I will just have to beg mom and dad to let me drive the Porsche 944 up there. I would just drive mine but it can't be good on the clutch to have it all let out at once all the time. Not to mention the transmission, linkage, engine and all the rest of the car. But, I don't really want to drive the Porsche because the stereo stinks and the stereo in my car is pretty good and I can hook up my MP3 player up to it. Oh well, I will just have to see what mom and dad say about it. I better go pack.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After All Hope Has Faded.

After all hope has faded into the weary darkness of a seeking mind, I wonder where tranquility can be found. Can redemption be gained from this endless searching of the inky blackness? Can one find solace in the eternal pain of this world?

These chains of hell that surround me are dragging, ever pulling, my thoughts and my soul down into the infernal abyss. I struggle. But can one as wicked as I ever escape this torment? I wonder if mortals can find the truth in His Holy Fury, or will we ever wonder?

The light and joy of this life has left me in a most hurried fashion, leaving me with nothing except my own accursed thoughts. My mind, being laden down with the frenzied attitude of this life, has been pushed beyond breaking, pushed into the realm of unholy sorrow and left there for dead. 

Even the demonic scavengers of the infernal pit pass me by seeing my soul in the ultimate state of misery that it's in.

I must keep searching for redemption in this abysmal life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sorry For The Delay.....

My game came (Warhammer 40000: Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade). It's way fun, kinda like a cross between Risk and the first Dawn Of War. Anyway, work was slow today, thankfully, so I was able to super-fill everything for Josh in the morning. I guess the CEO from AG is coming down to walk the store with Terrel tomorrow, so Randy wanted everything to look nice for that.
It makes me mad that the weeks are slowly slipping away and I can't seem to get another date with Caylee. Either she works or I work or I can't find anyone to double with. In short, it's retarded. . . . I really hope the Nuggets can sweep the Mavericks tonight. That would make me so happy. Anyway, I will write more soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work, Work

So work was murder today.
So I get to work and the note on the whiteboard says that I need to breakdown a pallet of potatoes and onions. So I look over at the pallet and it's, get this, 7 feet high! It took me almost an hour to get rid of all of it. So then that put me behind for the rest of my shift. Even though we got a load of freight in today, we ran out of strawberries an hour into my shift, and they are on the ad, and we wont get any more until friday. It was just crazy today.
I ended up texting Caylee after work, and we had a good conversation. I'm still really stressed when I talk/text her because I don't want to mess everything up. Anyway, I'll worry about this tomorrow. Good night. 

On The First Day He Created The Blog . . . .

My first post! Yay! ^_^
Well I don't really want to go to work today. Yesterday was slow but I doubt that today will be because the new ad starts today. . . . And strawberries are on sale. That always brings people in. Mini watermelons too. Which, I find strange that it's on sale. It seems out of season. But, I'm probably wrong. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to hang with my friend, James. Well, more like help him fix his lawn mower. When his graphics card comes though, we are going to have LAN parties until our eyes fall out. That's going to be very fun. I guess I ought to text Caylee today. I don't text her sometimes because I'm afriad that I will say the wong thing and she will hate me forever and never go out with me ever agian. That would totally suck, because I like her quite a bit and I really want this to work out. As in her not hating me and doing stuff with me. She Is the first real prospect since Diana got a new boyfriend. . . . . . Ug, that still makes me mad. Anyway, I had better go eat something before I pass out from lack of food. Wish me luck at work!