Friday, May 15, 2009

Ug . . . .

Grrrrrr..... My clutch cylinder blew on me again. That little incident is going to cost me my next paycheck. I'm not a happy camper. And today of all days for it to go out. The day I'm going up north to see my cousin, Colby. I guess I will just have to beg mom and dad to let me drive the Porsche 944 up there. I would just drive mine but it can't be good on the clutch to have it all let out at once all the time. Not to mention the transmission, linkage, engine and all the rest of the car. But, I don't really want to drive the Porsche because the stereo stinks and the stereo in my car is pretty good and I can hook up my MP3 player up to it. Oh well, I will just have to see what mom and dad say about it. I better go pack.

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