Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work, Work

So work was murder today.
So I get to work and the note on the whiteboard says that I need to breakdown a pallet of potatoes and onions. So I look over at the pallet and it's, get this, 7 feet high! It took me almost an hour to get rid of all of it. So then that put me behind for the rest of my shift. Even though we got a load of freight in today, we ran out of strawberries an hour into my shift, and they are on the ad, and we wont get any more until friday. It was just crazy today.
I ended up texting Caylee after work, and we had a good conversation. I'm still really stressed when I talk/text her because I don't want to mess everything up. Anyway, I'll worry about this tomorrow. Good night. 


  1. That is one towering pile of potatoes. Sorry about the strawberries... I used to hate when we'd run out of something. Especially when customers keep bugging you about it (which is, after all, what customers do best).

    So far every one of your blog posts (ok, well, all two so far) has made me hungry.

    Happy day!

  2. That's a LOT of potatoes.

    I am enjoying being updated on your life. :) Keep up the good work. hehehe