Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Trip.

Wow. So behind. Where to begin? Well, I guess I will write about my trip up north.

I arrive at Colby's house at 3:30 and he is putting a new trigger in his paintball gun when I get there. That took up a good chunk of the afternoon, and it ended up not working. We then bummed around for the rest of the day, played some Halo, and then went to bed.

Saturday, I wake up at like 11, just when Colby was getting home from mowing lawns and I have a quick breakfast of muffins and OJ. Colby and I then play some basketball and some catch with a nurf football. It was fun even though it was pretty hot. After that we had lunch of fresh bread and strawberry jam and then we got ready and left to go paintballing at like 3. Paintballing was fun except the fact that I never got anyone out. I feel almost like I wasted all my paint and CO2. But dispite that I still had fun. After paintballing we went back to his house and changed and then went to a bonfire at one of his friend's house. That was pretty boring. Except there was this girl there. Her name was Alyssa Wood. Colby, she and I talked for like 2 hours. Then we went home and showered and I got to talk to my older cousin, Britny. It had been ages since I had last talked to her. I then went to bed.

Sunday was a good day overall. I went and saw my cousin at his Missionary Farewell and hung out with my cousins, and then I drove home. Anyway, yeah it was fun and I'm glad I got to go up there.

I'm going on a date this afternoon with Jessica Draper. I hope it's fun. I'm also hoping it will work this time around . . . . Anyway, that's a story for another time. I will write more soon. ^_^


  1. I am glad you had an enjoyable trip. You should do it more often. :) I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the good-bye Andrew cousin's still up in the air.
    P.S. I am still trying to decide whether your new blog title picture is cool, or just plain disturbing. I'll get back to you on that.

  2. Dude... I need to read more about your life. You should post something (ok, given how well I update my blog, this is definitely a pot/kettle situation, but still).

  3. Umm I'm just gonna take a stab in the dark here but I think college is a pretty influential time of your life! Haha you need to update!