Monday, May 11, 2009

Sorry For The Delay.....

My game came (Warhammer 40000: Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade). It's way fun, kinda like a cross between Risk and the first Dawn Of War. Anyway, work was slow today, thankfully, so I was able to super-fill everything for Josh in the morning. I guess the CEO from AG is coming down to walk the store with Terrel tomorrow, so Randy wanted everything to look nice for that.
It makes me mad that the weeks are slowly slipping away and I can't seem to get another date with Caylee. Either she works or I work or I can't find anyone to double with. In short, it's retarded. . . . I really hope the Nuggets can sweep the Mavericks tonight. That would make me so happy. Anyway, I will write more soon.


  1. *rolls eyes*

    Just kidding. That game actually sounds pretty soon. At least, I love Risk... I honestly have no idea what Dawn of War is. Is it like Civilizations?

    Oohh... CEO. That's pretty fancy. What does AG stand for? Associated Grocers?

    You got your basketball wish. It makes me happy too. The Nuggets have cooler jerseys.

    Good luck planning a date! Miss you!!

  2. Did you ever play Command and Conquer? Or Warcraft III? Dawn of War is like those. I'm not sure what AG stands for. That's just what the whiteboard said.

    How did I get my wish? The Mavericks won.