Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After All Hope Has Faded.

After all hope has faded into the weary darkness of a seeking mind, I wonder where tranquility can be found. Can redemption be gained from this endless searching of the inky blackness? Can one find solace in the eternal pain of this world?

These chains of hell that surround me are dragging, ever pulling, my thoughts and my soul down into the infernal abyss. I struggle. But can one as wicked as I ever escape this torment? I wonder if mortals can find the truth in His Holy Fury, or will we ever wonder?

The light and joy of this life has left me in a most hurried fashion, leaving me with nothing except my own accursed thoughts. My mind, being laden down with the frenzied attitude of this life, has been pushed beyond breaking, pushed into the realm of unholy sorrow and left there for dead. 

Even the demonic scavengers of the infernal pit pass me by seeing my soul in the ultimate state of misery that it's in.

I must keep searching for redemption in this abysmal life.


  1. Did you write this? And even if it is a quote from a game or a song... wow... you seem sad. What's up?

  2. Yeah i did write it. And yeah, I am sad. I was told last night by Jessica that Caylee has a boyfriend. I, of course, didn't believe her. So I texted Caylee and this morning I got the answer that I was dreading. And I quote: "As of Monday I do have a boyfriend. But I didn't have one when we went on a date."

    Like the fact that when we went on the date (take note here that it's singular) she was single supposed to make me feel better that she's not now? I don't know. All I wanted was to have fun dating someone who likes me and I like her. I guess that's just too much to ask.

    Not to mention (sorry I know that you don't like that phrase), when most other guys are jerks, they always seem to get what they want (namely, a girlfriend), I am stuck here without. Maybe this is His punishment for me, for what I did with Diana. I guess it's just my fault that I'm miserable. If I had made better decisions I wouldn't be here. Anyway, that's enough depressing stuff to drag you down. Sorry.