Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On The First Day He Created The Blog . . . .

My first post! Yay! ^_^
Well I don't really want to go to work today. Yesterday was slow but I doubt that today will be because the new ad starts today. . . . And strawberries are on sale. That always brings people in. Mini watermelons too. Which, I find strange that it's on sale. It seems out of season. But, I'm probably wrong. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to hang with my friend, James. Well, more like help him fix his lawn mower. When his graphics card comes though, we are going to have LAN parties until our eyes fall out. That's going to be very fun. I guess I ought to text Caylee today. I don't text her sometimes because I'm afriad that I will say the wong thing and she will hate me forever and never go out with me ever agian. That would totally suck, because I like her quite a bit and I really want this to work out. As in her not hating me and doing stuff with me. She Is the first real prospect since Diana got a new boyfriend. . . . . . Ug, that still makes me mad. Anyway, I had better go eat something before I pass out from lack of food. Wish me luck at work!


  1. Strawberries! Mini Watermelons! You should combine them to invent mini strawberries... doesn't that sound delicious? I'd even go to Terrel's to get some of those.

  2. Ha ha ha! Yeah. I should take some genetic classes at Dixie.