Monday, January 25, 2010


Where to begin? I guess I will get everyone up to speed. I am attending Dixie State College, I'm single and wish I wasn't. But, what can you do? Anyway, maybe, just maybe I can next weekend. There is this one girl in my IT 1100 class . . . . *lost in thought*
My classes are good, especially my IT 1100 class (see above). ; ) Well, that is, except for my VT 2500 class. That teacher is . . . not the best at teaching, to put it nicely. We show up for class and . . . guess what? We learn nothing. Nothing, I tell you! Today was supposed to be a "work day" but we ended up only having 10 minutes to work on our huge project because he was blabbering on about the screen and multiply tool in Illustrator (it's an Illustrator class). He is also maddeningly unhelpful when you have a problem.
He also thinks it's his duty to pick on me. I was sitting there, looking straight at him, listening to every word he was saying and he looked right at me and said: "You doing okay there, Bronson?" in a tone that suggested that he thought I was doing something wrong or wasn't paying attention or something.
It's frustrating just to think that I might not get a good grade because he just doesn't like me. I need an A out of that class. I'm good with Illustrator, I just hope that he recognizes it and doesn't hate me for it. But, keep in mind that I said good, not great, not amazing, just good. But for an undergrad class "good" should be good enough, I hope.
Other tid-bits . . . . I'm sick. It's no fun. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. A sore throat, stuffy nose, and a fever is a bad combination . . . . I got 22 kills (a personal record) on Modern Warfare 2 online. It was a good deathmatch. I was on a role. Something, that yet again, I'm good at and nothing more. It's depressing when you realize that you are mediocre at everything, or at least, that's what it feels like sometimes.
I need to go on a date . . . . Scratch that. Going on a date is the single best way of smashing one's confidence to a pulp. It's not the activity that does it, it's the girl that usually does it. You see, I have been on quite a few dates with girls, but after we go on one date, one of the following things happen.
1) She gets a boyfriend very soon afterward (e.g. 1 week or less).
2) We have a chat and she tells me that she can't date me for some reason or another (this one is the most common I think I'm up to 3 girls that have done that to me).
3) She tells me that she just isn't into me enough to go on anymore dates.
4) She already HAS a boyfriend and thought we were just hanging out (WTH???? Who thinks that? Seriously?).
5) She avoids me like I have the bubonic plague (i.e. stops calling, texting, talking, making eye-contact and various other forms of communication).
Those are the 5 most common that I can think of. As you can see, I'm apprehensive, to say the least, when asking someone out. Most of the time when I think that flirting is working with a girl, she will either tell me that she has a boyfriend or something to that effect. And to be honest, most girls that think are flirting with me have rings on. >: ( Don't do that to a poor single guy! We don't like being tantalized just to have it be unattainable. I don't care that you're married, in fact, I'm glad that you are. I'm happy for you, really. Just, please, please, PLEASE don't flirt if you are married. Sorry for that little rant. It's pet peeve of mine.
On another note, I played Mirror's Edge last night or should I say this morning? : P It was just the demo but I liked it. I might buy it. Someday, when I'm rich (that was a joke, HA HA, fat chance). I will personally give a dollar to anyone that can tell me where that quote came from. You will also have my permanent respect (Offer ends February, 1st, 2010 [anytime after that you will just get my respect]).
It's amazing that since I don't have an English class this semester I find typing much more enjoyable. Strange how that works. I also find it amazing that you just don't get hungry when you are sick (at least I don't). I ate lunch at noon today and haven't had anything but orange juice since. Anyway, speaking of which, I think I will go eat something so I can get better. I hope you all have enjoyed this unfortunate tale concerning the angelic boy's piece of his life (I hope that made sense).
I love you, Reader.
Let the comments flow!!!


  1. I really really really like your new blog design/picture.

    And I still don't know where the quote comes from.

    And I hope you're having a fanTABulous day.

  2. i'm so happy you started blogging!