Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Procrastinates Homework*

This blog entry is an official procrastination of homework.
That being said, today has been ok. Yes, just ok. Nothing amazing, just ok. It's sad, I've grown to dread my art class. The projects that she has us do are pretty boring and not very fun. I guess that I just like computers too much.
Honestly though, I'm may be artistic but I'm not crafty or anything and she wants us to do all these collages and stuff (I hate collages above all that lives because they look so retarded). It's a waste of perfectly good glue and paper and time. Anyway, I don't mean to say that she is a bad teacher or anything just that views art different then I do. She is actually a pretty good teacher . . . not to mention pretty . . . but that is besides the point.
Speaking of pretty . . . That girl in my IT 1100 class looked really pretty yesterday. I'm friends with her on facebook now. I'm doing baby steps. Next quest is to get her number, and then the first date and then . . . I will see if I can even get that far before I get shut down. I feel bad that she was in my super boring class last semester and I didn't even sit by her even though it would have been the perfect opportunity to get to know her. I did sit by her the last day of that class last semester though. So that was a step in the right direction. When I talked to her that last day I think she realized that I was more willing to put my neck out there. But she still is a mystery to me. Even though we are friends on facebook I still don't even know if she is single or not. All I know is that she is only two days older than me. I thought that little fact was pretty cool. You could celebrate both our birthdays on the 23rd and it would be splitting the difference. : ) Sorry, I'm rambling.
Anyway, I'm over half done with my huge project that is due in my VT 2500 class. I will have to post the picture up when I finally get it done. We'll see if that happens. Oddly enough, I don't hate that class anymore, it's just I think that the work load is not equal to the level of class. But, that being said, I don't like my teacher's teaching method. I don't learn a whole lot.
Well, I think I have procrastinated my project for quite long enough.
Hopefully, I can get Cute-IT-1100-girl's phone number tomorrow. : ) Wish me luck!!!
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