Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now I Know Why Garfield Hates Mondays . . . .

So, yesterday was just about the wost day ever.
So I need to fill my antibiotic, because it will be out tomorrow. I drive down to Wal-Mart, get out of my car, walk into the store and realize that I forgot my prescription bottle. I turn around, walk back out to my car, get in, drive all the way back to my dorm (hitting almost every red light on the way), run and get my prescription bottle, get back in my car, drive back down to Wal-Mart, get out, walk back in the store, go the pharmacy counter, tell her I want it filled and she tells me that I'm out of refills. Sucks, huh? So, I call my doctor, ask the secretary if the doctor could fax the prescription to Wal-Mart and she tells me that the doctor isn't in, but when she gets in tomorrow, she will have her fax it over.
If you can imagine, by this time, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the whole fiasco. So, trying not to blatantly waste a dollar in gas and almost an hour of my time, I buy a door mat and Assassin's Creed for PS3. I drove home feeling disgruntled.
This whole retarded fiasco was just another stress on top of the 60% that I had gotten earlier that day on a quiz. For some stupid mistakes, nonetheless. So I play my new game for a while and then go eat dinner and by the time that I'm done with dinner I have a splitting headache. I lay down in a vain attempt to try get rid of my headache. I fall asleep for WAY too long. I wake up at 10 PM. Day is just about shot, but that's a good thing, right? Nothing else can go wrong, right? Wrong!
So I play my new game for awhile more then decide that I should have a shower. I take a shower. But before I go to bed, I decided to sync some music to my MP3 player. BIG mistake. I plug in my Zune and wait for the computer recognize it, but it doesn't. I unplug it, and plug it back in. Nothing. I repeat this process at least 28 times before I get so fed up that I Google it. I can't find anything that helps me. After about 2 unsuccessful hours of trying to fix it, I head to bed, tired, ticked off and frustrated at about 4:30 AM. Yeah, my Monday sucked.

10 AM.
My alarm beeps. I drag myself out of bed and to class. I try to learn what seems like an infinite amount of Linux commands while just struggling to say awake. I enjoy Institute, it's a good lesson. I drive to Denny's to get their free Grandslam deal. I drive around the parking lot, realize there is about a 2 hour wait just to get a seat and promptly drive back down the hill to my dorm.
I walk down to the cafe and eat a Countryfried Steak sandwich. It was ok. I call Wal-Mart, only to find out that there is still no prescription. I call the doctor's office. They tell me that the doctor's kids are sick and she wont be in until Thursday. *sigh* Story of my life.
But, on the upside of today, I got a date (even though I can't go to the dance this weekend because I'm going home). Bright spot! I have an art assignment to do tonight . . . not so bright spot. : ( Oh, well.
. \) (/
.(o.o) <----------------- This is Mr. Bunny.
.-- --

Ok, sorry, that was really random. Well, I on that note, I bid you all farewell.
Goodnight and good luck.
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  1. Awwww, have a better day today!!!! I love Mr. Bunny. He is pretty much the epitome of cuteness. ;) And have fun on your date, wink wink.

  2. I'm sorry about your not so fun Monday...hope things get better for you this weekend..take cute IT girl on a date!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Britny and Lex. And Lex, I will don't worry. :)