Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Audio Odyssey . . . .

So, since I have an hour to waste, I will update my blog. Midterms are this week, and thankfully one of my midterms was cancelled and another was turned into a take home. This still leaves my other classes though, and I'm really not looking forward to my e-commerce midterm. That class should not be listed as an IT class, it should be a Business class. I hate corporation, stock percentage, and tax exemption crap (which is all we end up talking about). I would much rather work for someone else then try to make my own company. The less things I have to worry about, the happier I am.

Other than my business class woes, school is going fairly well. The upcoming assignment in 3D is designed a poligonal mesh character. This is the assignment that I have been excited for. The only problem is that I want to spend 200+ hours modeling my character, but I just can't afford the time. We will see how much time I can really afford on this project.

Yesterday I went to DI just to poke around and see what I could find. I ended up finding a Sony AV receiver from 1980ish for only $15! Needless to say, I was very excited when I found it, and it still sounds like a champ! The screen has some burnt out backlight so you can't tell what sound mode you are using, but for $15 it's hard complain.

On a similar note, I was looking around on for AV receivers and I found one in St. George that comes with 3 speakers, a sub, and an Onkyo receiver for $50. If he hasn't sold it yet I might just go check it out tonight. Depending on brand of the speakers, that could be worth the $50 alone, not counting the receiver. In addition, Onkyo is a pretty good brand, not quite up there with Pioneer and Yamaha, but still probably the next best. I'm not going to relinquish my $50 though if any part of the receiver isn't working, because that's what I really want, the speakers are gravy. It's quite possible, however, that it will already be sold since the listing has been up for 20 some-odd days. There is another listing for a receiver and speakers in St. George but the receiver is a JVC (not as good as of brand as Onkyo) and the speakers are RCA and it's listed for $10 more than the other one. If the first one is sold though, I will check this other one out for sure.

On a sadder note, my new Beyerdynamic headphones that I mentioned in my last post were having problems so I had to send them to get repaired and the only repair center is in New York. The waiting is killing me. I want to get them fixed and back on my ears as soon as possible because they sound so great (when they aren't having problems). Hopefully the repairs will be covered under the warrantee. If they aren't, that's going to cut into my great savings that I got on them. They should be since it's a bad left driver that's the problem, but they might say since I got them from a online auction site that it isn't covered. Also, since they are a model that has since been replaced with a newer version (more than 7 years ago) even though I bought them new they might be mean and not give me the warrantee. I sure hope they do.

Well, my class will be starting soon, so I better go.


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