Thursday, March 18, 2010

So While I'm Waiting . . . .

While I'm waiting for my Windows virtual machine to finish installing and updating I decided that I will use the time to update my blog . . .
I went and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D last night. The 3D was cool but I don't know if it was worth $9 a pop. My 3D glasses were not worth $1.50 when the movie is already $1.50 over priced. If I went again I wouldn't go to the 3D showing if I had the option. The other problem was that took a date and so I almost spent $20 on just tickets. Thankfully, neither she nor I wanted snacks for I saved x amount of dollars there. But the movie itself was impressive from a visual technologies student's stand point. Thousands of dollars must have went into the Cheshire cat alone. And he was barely in any of the movie (one of my quibbles, because he is my favorite character in the Alice in Wonderland story). The main problem with the movie was the lack of plot. It stole elements from the two books and the original movie but it have been better off copying one of the story completely. There was one central problem and that was it. Nothing really made you feel tense or on edge because none of scenes or the story suggested or eluded to any such suspense. It irked me. Furthermore, the central problem of the plot was already decided and the outcome was set in stone at the very beginning of the movie, removing any tense aspect.
Another problem with the movie was a disturbing lack of character development. The characters just seemed like whimsical shells walking around, doing certain things for reasons beyond the knowledge and scope of the viewer. Too much was also unsaid and unexplained in the movie. Like in one scene Alice falls asleep when the viewer would assume that it was an intense situation, and when she wakes up, things take a turn for the better. That's poor story telling in my opinion.
People say it was too weird, but I say it wasn't weird enough. They didn't finish the idea make it their own. They should have thought up a COMPLETELY new plot or left an original one alone. The acting was pretty good, but like I said before, you didn't know the reasons behind any of it, except the vague references to the original movie. They tried and miserably failed at introducing back stories for The Mad Hatter and The White Queen. Also, the White Queen's makeup was . . . terrible. Not only did it make her look evil, it made her look goth.
Those things being said, the movie had some definite good points. Visually, it was amazing. Between the 3D and the millions of dollars that went into the effects it was amazing. It all had a legit feel to it. The second to last scene was amazing even though it had a predictable outcome.
But movie aside, the date itself was . . . I dunno. I guess I will have to see where it goes. I have my doubts though. : ( It was terribly hard to tell what she was thinking, or feeling. And I felt like I was getting mixed signals . . . . Well, anyway, I need to ask her out on a real date instead of like a more of a hang out, but I still am apprehensive about the possible outcome. I'm not out to just get some or anything, but I'm tired of people going on one date with me and then giving me some excuse about why they can't go on any other dates with me and then not too long after that they are either engaged or have a boyfriend, because that proves that they lied to me and they just didn't like me or think I wasn't a good enough person. I'm sick of being judged by people, I thought if I got out of Sanpete I could escape some of it but I was wrong. I wish I was the way I used to be. When everyone trusted me and thought I was nice. I must have lost something along the way and now give off the vibe of being out to swindle people. I don't feel different on the inside but something must have changed. *sigh* I can't win. And I have to go to class. *sigh* Wish me luck.


  1. I can't wait to see the movie, although thanks for the heads up so I can slightly lower my expectations accordingly. And I SO agree with you about the White Queen's makeup. Just like in trailers and stuff... gross!

  2. I went and saw Alice on opening night with the Hales'. 9 bucks for 3D is cheap, I'm afraid. I paid several dollars more for mine. Because I had to pay so much, I didn't feel like discarding the glasses in the environmentally friendly recycle bin right outside the theater door, but now in retrospect, I guess I might as well have, since you pay the same fee for any 3D movie, whether you have glasses already or not. As far as character development, you are totally spot on the nose. We were discussing that exact problem with the movie at Sunday dinner last week. None of us could pinpoint the thing that wasn't quite right, but then Spencer nominated character development. :) I agree with you about the White Queen's makeup. Bleh. And I still don't particularly care for Anne Hathaway in general. I liked the actress they chose for Alice, and I liked her rebellion against societal expectations. The Cheshire cat was awesome, and overall I liked the movie, especially since it used to be my favorite when I was little. :) But I don't think I'll be purchasing this one. The end. P.S. I hope this novel of a comment makes up for my lack thereof on the previous post. ;)