Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Very Long String of Pointless Letters . . . .

So, unusually, work is very slow today. At least so far. I had to help one person with their program (all they needed was a plus sign in a particular place) and one other person came in to take a quiz. It's been kinda nice to just sit here and chill listening to my book on tape. I should really be working on my TIME magazine cover, but I really don't want to at the moment.

I finished my next assignment in my 3D class, which I had lots of fun doing. It is the Invicta Watch logo, found here.

I like the way it turned out. I also did another version.

I used a metal texture for the letters instead of the glass one. I'm happy with how both turned out. Also, since this logo was pretty simple, I wanted more practice so I decided to do another one. One of my favorite video game franchises is the American McGee's Alice games. One of the great things about the game is the logo, which I made in Maya. The real one can be found here.

It's not a perfect representation of the original logo but I think it turned out fairly well. Since it wasn't really for the assignment, I tried to keep it more simple, at least as far as the background and textures go. This class is honestly unhealthy for me. My other homework tends to suffer because I want to just do my 3D homework all of the time. When I'm working in Maya, although it has it's quirks that are hard to catch, it feels really natural, like an extension of my arm. Mind you, I can't always make it do what I want, unlike my arm most of the time, but it feels natural in a way.

I have also been having fun in my photography class. I bought a camera from a friend of mine, my first non point and shoot camera. It is a Canon 300d, the first digital Rebel that Canon made. The up side to that was that I was able to get a nice camera for a really good price, the downside was that it is only 6 mp and kinda worn out.

Not my actual camera. Mine is a lot more worn out.

The only bad part about the camera is that it didn't come with any lenses. This is a problem since these kinds of cameras cannot take pictures without a lens. The good news is that my dad had a fixed Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. The bad news is that the lens is an FD mount and my camera only takes EF mount. More good news is that there is an adapter they sell that changes a FD lens to a EF lens and it's only $35. More bad news is that there is no way to tell the kind of quality that you will get from the lens since the adapter has the light go through another piece of glass which, depending on the camera, can severely affect the quality of the image. My parents are coming to see me today and bringing with them my dad's old lens, so I will know how good it will work by the end of the day! If it does not, I will have to fork out another $190 to get the camera working.

Because I didn't have a lens for it, I rented one of the school's lenses, so I could do my first photography assignment, which was a demonstration of our knowledge of shutter speed. I took pictures of my friend playing tennis.

I think this one is my favorite. The requirements of the assignment were that we take 3 pictures (or should I say take a ton of pictures and pick 3 that turned out the best [I ended up taking 74]), one super sharp, one blurred (like this one), and one that is so blurred it's hard to tell what the subject is or doing at all. I think my teacher liked my slightly original subject choice (I doubt anyone else will use a tennis player) and he said that I understood the assignment well. So I feel good about that.

One thing that's been on my mind lately is wondering if I should become a True Rebel this year (yes, I know that it's just a knock off of USU's True Aggie night). The process to become a True Rebel is pretty simple. First it must be homecoming night, second you must stand in the fountain in the middle of campus, and third you must kiss someone at the stroke of midnight.

Standing in the fountain at midnight on homecoming night isn't hard. What's hard about it (at least for me) is convincing someone of the opposite sex to kiss me at said time and place. I have gone to homecoming both years that I have been here but neither time I went afforded the opportunity to become a True Rebel. I won't lie, however. I didn't have the courage to bring up the subject either time. So it is really my fault for not taking action. I chickened out.

Yet again, this presents a problem. If I want to become a True Rebel, I will have to get the courage to ask, but asking is putting myself up for denial, and I will be the first to admit that I'm scared silly to ask. This fear comes from past experiences with relationships, and only one experience was the pain worth it. I wouldn't say that it has ruined me, but it has definitely made me wary of girls in general.

Our society has stupid way of looking at relationships. Either you are in a relationship to get married or you are not. It also seems like the man decides this too often. Why can't things like this be more universal? For instance, why can't interest be expressed mutually before dating? The very idea of a pity date is just plain stupid. Why can't men and women express their feelings more openly? It would remove the idea of hints and mixed messages.

Flirting might be fun but it almost always ends up with people's feelings being hurt because someone reads into what someone else did too much and so makes assumptions. It is just a big MESS! Why can't we all just get along?

That about sums up my life at the moment work, school, and no love life. If you actually read all of this pointless dribble, then congratulations!!! Way to be dedicated!



  1. love the pictures! i understand your frustrations too.

  2. I'm glad someone agrees with me! :) Thanks Lex!