Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Has Come And Gone . . . .

I'm a slacker. I won't try to deny it. But don't they say: "Better late than never?" I don't know if I wholly believe that phrase myself. For instance, what if you were late, someone died? Then it wouldn't matter weather you were late or never because it would have the same outcome. But that's not the point.

School is now in full swing. My classes are challenging, the homework is icky, and the dates with girls are nonexistent. That about sums up my life. My job is alright (I'm a computer labbie at the CIT computer lab), in fact I'm at work right now! They let me do whatever I want (except listen to headphones ;-( which is the hardest part of my job). I have had tons of homework or have been VERY busy all the shifts I have worked so far, but today is more chill. The only homework I have is to watch a youtube video and answer two questions for it for my nutrition class and then do some CIS homework. I can't do either of those things here because I can't have headphones on and these computers here in the computer lab don't have Microsoft Office 2010. So that is why I'm updating my blog.

My favorite class is my 3D class, by far. I'm excited to go to class and the assignments are enjoyable too! Here is a sample of my first project I did. They are of my AKG 240s headphones. On of the requirements of the assignment was to only use the simple objects that Maya gives you to work with.

It's not perfect but I think it turned out alright. Here are the actual headphones.
My biggest problem I had was the lighting. I couldn't get it bright enough to really see the detail so it ended up seeing more detail in the refection, which is kinda messed up.

Well, my shift is over and I am hungry. Fare thee well!

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