Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Worst Nightmare . . .

Is here!

It took many hours of slaving away at the computer lab, but I have finally finished it! My fake trailer for my video editing class. The fake movie is called "Ring Around The Rosie" and stars my friends Ashleigh, Camilla and Alexa. I would like to thank them for being good sports and being in my silly movie!
I hope you all enjoy this!



  1. I would never see this movie!! And that is a testament that you did an AWESOME job because it looks way to creepy for my taste!!!

  2. oh by the way, you put 2 p's in apartment! just saying you might want to fix that before you turn it in!

  3. oh and I had an awesome idea, at the end after the scream you should put "This film is not yet rated!" ya!!! love you Bosley, you did great!!!