Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Of Work and Watches and Other Things . . . .

I became painfully aware that I haven't posted a blog entry quite a few days and only one in May. So, since it's June, I figured that I better post one.
All my free time has been eaten up by work lately. Last week with Memorial day and this week with my manager being gone I haven't had very many days off. The first tent sale of the year is also coming up faster than I would like. At least my paychecks will show the effort. Especially if I get the raise I asked for last week.
While on a trip last week I bought a watch at Wal-Mart that they were closing out for $35.
I think I got a good deal for a fully automatic, 21 jewel movement watch that looks pretty cool too. I also ordered some Charles Dumont watches off ebay a few days ago with faces that look sorta like this...
Except that they are silver instead of copper colored. I will post a picture of mine when I finally get it.
In other news, I started a new account on the PSN because I wanted to use a assault rifle on Modern Warfare 2 without ruining my accuracy percentage on the rankings (42.75%). And just for fun, I decided to make the user name look like I was a girl. And I was shocked to find that I got 7 friend requests right away and on my other account I only have 7ish friends total and I know 5 of them personally. I guess that girls that are good a MW2 are hott. : P
Oh, and one more thing. I might have a date. The time and day are yet to be determined if at all. She might not even consider it a date.... It's been WAY too long since I've gone on a real date though. *sigh*

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